Modern Vehicle Communal Surveillance

Portable communication devices are used for a variety of purposes, including communications, entertainment, military, telecommunication, emergency, and other purposes. As the use of portable electronics has increased, the market has also created numerous different types of these devices that offer different features, functions, and capabilities. Each device is designed to perform a specific task or function. For instance, some communications systems have a power source, communications system and dedicated circuits, power supply, and so on. Similarly, there are different frequency bands and transmission technologies that are used for these portable devices. The following are some common characteristics of this type of equipment or by a component. This equipment is known as N-jam 140.

These  portable signal jammers use the patented Low Noise Power transistor (LLP TM). This device can be supplied with omnidirectional antennas or a directional and omnidirectional antenna to maximize jamming efficiency in different situations. The device is known to provide secure facilities such as secure buildings, bunkers, rooms, offices, and other locations that are difficult to physically threaten. In addition, this equipment provides secure facilities that provide a low-cost jamming option to provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of unlawful and unsafe telecommunications.

This device can be used as a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner, which provides secure facilities by emitting microwaves at specific frequencies to specifically target any interfering signals. However, it has been found out that some jamming frequencies are also used as carrier frequencies for other purposes such as determining the power level of cell phones and broadcasting DoS attacks. This is one of the advantages of the n-jam technology; it can be used as both a jammer and an RFID/RFID scanner. It has the capacity to scan frequencies below megahertz; which makes it a superior product. Learn more about these products here. 

Portable and in-car communication systems that use the portable jammer can be fitted with a small portable Laptop or Desktop Computer, which is equipped with a high-capacity battery. The portable Laptop or Desktop Computer has its own rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can be recharged during a mobile jamming operation. The built-in rechargeable battery enables the portable jammer to operate even when there is no power source.

Portable jammer applications for mobiles devices are gaining popularity because it is capable of providing various security measures to various communication networks. Portable jammer applications for communications networks are becoming more popular because it helps to prevent unauthorized access, deny broadcasting of DoS attacks, filtering radio and data traffic, and blocking unwanted telecommunication frequencies. There are several types of portable jammer methods that can be used in mobile jamming operations; all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some of these types of portable jamming devices are; Nd: Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Ion Mode, Fixed Position Modulated Antenna, Fixed Position Control Modifiers, Mobile Anchor Modules, and RF Attenuator.

Mobile Frequency Identification (MFD) is another type of jamming system. These are portable devices and they use a fixed frequency to emit signal interference which disables the device from functioning normally. For instance, the vehicle convoy signal jammers can function properly and effectively even when a vehicle enters the building or passes through the room where the frequency is set. The vehicle's position is detected by the MFDs by emitting signals at a frequency close to the vehicle's position. These techniques can also be used for monitoring vehicle traffic inside large buildings. Find out more about mobile signals at

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